About Genesis Project

Genesis Project is the Genesis tribute performing the Seconds Out show (1976).

The group consists of five dedicated musicians who play the music of Genesis with the same sound, feel and energy as Genesis did in those years.

Since 2019 Genesis Project performs the 1976 Seconds Out show, playing the whole Seconds Out double album, plus some extra songs Genesis also had on their setlist in those days.

In 2021 Genesis Project has joined the Giants of Progrock powered by PDH bookings, doing progressive rock mini festivals.

Through this website you will be informed about our upcoming concerts, watch the live promo films. If you want to feel the energy and passion of the Genesis music, then you should not miss this.


Below you can watch some live videos of Genesis Project, recorded during several of their concerts.

Meet the Band

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Ebert Zwart
Keyboards, Guitar & Backing vocals
Ebert Zwart
Hi all

Ebert was born in 1963 and is Prog fan since 1979. He plays progressive rock since 1999. Before that Ebert played several styles like Pop, Soul and Jazzrock/Fusion. Now he is all into Progressive Rock with bands like Genesis Project, Yesshows, Supertrap and Awaken

Edwin Roes
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Good day

Edwin was born 1964, At age of 9 he was finally allowed to exchange his flute for a guitar. In 1980 he starts playing in bands with styles like rock, jazzrock and blues. And nowadays he plays progressive rock in Genesis Project.

Hein van den Broek
Lead vocals
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Hein was born a long long time ago. Until mid 90s he was like a musical freelancer joining all kinds of jam sessions and one-time commitments. In 1996 he starts Madyson, later on called Ice and recorded several Prog albums. Right now Hein is our Peter Gabriel in Genesis Project.

Erik-Jan de Waard
Bass, Bass pedals
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Erik-Jan was born 1981. He changed playing guitar to bassguitar from a young age and never stopped ever since. He has played (and plays) bassguitar in genres like pop, jazz, metal, prog and many more. Nowadays he mainly plays rock and prog music, also in Deflexion together with Lex and Ebert.

Lex Bekkernens
Drums & Percussion
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Lex was born in 1988. He is a multi instrumentalist, playing drums, piano and guitar. Diagnosed with Gilles de la tourette syndrome, he now is famous for playing the piano in the Tourette band. Right now he plays in Yesshows, Genesis Project, Mangrove and his solo project Deflexion.

Roy Kieftenbeld
Drums, Percussion
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I'll tell you something later on.

What people say about Genesis Project

It is always nice to read the comments on our movies that are made by those who watched them.

Excellent concert in De Boerderij. I think they performed the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway better than the original. The 2 encores "Watcher of the Skies" and "The Return of the Giant Hogweed" were fantastic. Good show. It was well travelling over from the UK for (900 miles round trip).

Excellent show this sunday @ Spirit of 66 Verviers. Thanx a lot for this good evening

Gisterenavond in de Boederij genoeten van jullie optreden. Had eerst geen zin om te gaan en ben nu blij dat ik er toch was. Ik kreeg de kriebels (in positieve zin) op mijn rug tijdens de Carpet Crawler

We stonden boven op het balkon in de Boerderij en konden het goed zien. Een lust voor oog en oor. Vooral het deel na de pauze sprak mij persoonlijk aan. Complex, symfonisch oftewel kriebels. En tja doe dit maar eens. Van boven was ook goed te zien wat er moest gebeuren op keyboards en drums. (zonder de anderen onder te waarderen overigens) Kortom, ik heb genoten!!!

Afgelopen zaterdag aanwezig in De Boerderij. Wederom genoten, om zo'n moeilijk album live te kunnen neerzetten moet je toch wel lef en klasse hebben.....en dat hebben jullie. Nog bedankt voor de heerlijke avond!

Excellent !

Apart from the superb performance of the Lamb, the performance of The Return of the Giant Hogweed was simply far much better than the guys of Transatlantic did on the High Voltage festival in London. And even though they had Steve Hackett on guitar, your performance was much more authentic. Especially the vocals were amazing. Neal Morse eat your heart out...

Geweldige avond. Met de perfecte afsluiter. Het was weer de moeite waard om meer dan 100 km te rijden.

Super Konzert! Freuen uns auf Seconds Out! Frank u. Silvia, Bad Bentheim

Geweldig concert gisteren in de Stenge, soms even met je ogen dicht, terug in de tijd, alsof het Genesis zelf is bedankt.

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